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St. George - patron
   Pray God for us, Saint George! Russian

       "Entering the church is as if you leave the earthly behind and enter the heavenly, leaving the time and entering the eternity… Here in the church a person realizes the true nobility of his soul, the worth of life and its goal or his purpose; sobers up with his soul of the fascination of the worldly fuss and worldly passions; here he perceives his life - transient and eternal…"

Holy Righteous Ioann Kronshtadsky
Parishioner Vladimir

       - Our family likes the church of the Great Martyr St. George the Victory-Bearer. Its erection happens before our eyes; we see Father Valeriy and his work.
       Orthodoxy is the best at what our youth can arrive. That's why I bring my little son to the communion once a week. Orthodoxy is a faith of ours, it's native, it came from the remote past.

Parishioner Galina

       - Father Valeriy is a plain and friendly person. This church attracts me. I get a feeling that something is missing when I fail to come.
       To my mind, a person should choose himself a spiritual mentor. He should come to him to confess and to receive communion. You may go to any church but you should have only one spiritual mentor - to your liking.

Parishioner Nadezhda

       - Whenever a possibility presents itself I come to the church of the Great Martyr St. George the Victory-Bearer. I like this church very much. I find here peace of mind. I know father Valeriy and have confessed to him many times already.

Parishioner Svetlana

       - The church of the Great Martyr St. George the Victory-Bearer attracts me with its cozy and homelike atmosphere. But there is more to it than only this. The attention of the parson to the parishioners is quite great here. Father Valeriy seeks to make people feel well and comfortable. The temporary church is not large but beautiful. And the new one will be even better due to the labour of the parson.

Parishioners Tatyana and Olga

Parishioners Tatyana and Olga. Sisters. Come to the church of the Great Martyr St. George the Victory-Bearer each Sunday.

       - I have been going to the church for six months already. Why do I come here? I am well received here. Father Valeriy is very considerate and compassionate. I make confessions to him. Repentance and desire to disembosom drive to confession. In my opinion confession is indispensable for a man in order to be in accord with God and himself.

Parishioner Anna

       - I have been going to the church of the Great Martyr St. George the Victory-Bearer for two years. The church attracts me with its bright and unique atmosphere. It is warm and cozy here. The ceremony evokes the feeling of harmony and ease. It is in this church where I feel the grace of God.