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About the St. George church       

       On the background of the desperate unrelieved modern life the Holy Church strikes a sensitive chord of the humans soul. And one understands: "God is Love". Love which has no beginning and no end and which does not depend on the things you are doing.

      All-embracing, all-consuming, eternal Love. The St. George, the Victory-Bearer church became the source of this Love for its congregation.

Temporar Church

       On the day of the celebration of the Entry of Our Lord into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday) on April 19, 1997 the first divine service took place in the St. George church. It began with consecration of the temporary building and placing of the antimension with the holy relics onto the communion table. This bright day became deeply ingrained in hearts of all the praying and grateful believers who came this day.
      With the help of the leaders of JSC MZhK Internationalist the religious community of the St. George church was allowed to renovate a small building for praying. At the same time, when the inimitable image of the future stone church was being created in drawings and sketches, the temporary church was being ennobled by the hands of its future parishioners. The former warriors-internationalists and the inhabitants of the sub-district united in spirit.
      The work has been carried out for the private donations and everyone helped as he could. One would work at the saw-mill, the other would provide a car. Thus the temporary church was ennobled. The construction began after receipt of approval of the church's project at the city counsel and after benediction of the Most Reverend Father in God Nikodim.

The alter, presented by Bishop Anufriy to the growing church on the patron saint's day of the Holy Serghiy Radonezhskiy.

      From year to year the church of the Great Martyr St. George the Victory-Bearer grows higher. The lower temple is finished and will soon be filled with the voices of parishioners. With heartfelt gratitude speaks Father Valeriy of the people without who it would have been impossible. Among many others are the names of Alexander Nepomnyashiy, Victor C­ernohvostov, Igor Chuiko, Alexander Grekhovodov.

      The Most Reverend Father in God Nikodim presented to the church a beautiful stamped alter. Without doubt it will decorate the lower temple and will add to its harmony with its splendour, as well as the much prayed at icons, the forged Gospel and the behind-alter candlestick. It is very important that each piece of the church decoration be fine and beautiful. People like the wonderful font and the way Christening goes. They rejoice at the surrounding beauty and their souls rejoice at the ˝ommunion with God.

The alter, presented by Bishop Anufriy to the growing church on the patron saint's day of the Holy Serghiy Radonezhskiy.

      Young couples will remember their wedding ceremony for their whole life. And it may happen that the decoration of the church and beautiful crowns will be a tiny part of the remembrance. But the most important is, of course, the attitude of the spiritual father and the congregation, kindness, compassion and love.

The Christ's Resurrection Day The Dirge Table
The Christ's Resurrection Day The Dirge Table

      May every man know that church will support and not let take a false step and fall in any impasse. Not in vain did the people, rejected by the society, take refuge in the walls of the Holy Church. Nowadays each of us sees in the Church his spiritual refuge. Refuge from the hardness of life, painful memories, sorrows and troubles. And the priest seeks to help each of us in spiritual growth.

      That is why Father Valeriy wants to open a Sunday-school for children and grown-ups with musical classes. Then people would be able to listen to the spiritual singing of their children and create their own musical group, to understand the divine serving and the purpose of objects in the church, to become spiritually educated.